Prevue Assessment Tips

Prevue Abilities Assessments

There are three Prevue abilities assessments: Working With Words, Working With Numbers, and Working With Shapes (you can find their descriptions under "What the Prevue Assessments Measure"). These are timed assessments, and the instructions for each test will explain how many minutes you have to complete as many questions as you can.

Here's how to get the best results on these assessments:

Prevue Interests and Personality Assessments

Both of these assessments (described under "What the Prevue Assessments Measure") are untimed. While you can take as much time as you want, we’ll provide suggested time frames within the testing application. Experience has shown that you’ll get the best results by moving through these assessments in a certain period of time.

You shouldn’t be worried about what the employer or recruiter will think about your answer to any particular question because they don’t actually see the answers to the specific questions. Your responses to the questions simply provide data for developing a general description of your occupational interests and personality traits.

To increase your likelihood of success, follow these suggestions:

It's not as scary as it might sound. Good luck!